Surf anonymous on the Internet by hiding your real IP address. Free public proxy is a anonymous open proxy server that helps you to circumvent internet filtering and web blockers. Public proxy request the websites from the web and forward it to your web browser. So does not matter in which country you resides. This online anonymizer have its own IP address which appears as your actual IP when you are surfing through the proxy. This proxy site work with the most internet devices like Desktop Computer, Mobile phone, Tablet PC and any kind of device with abbility to go online.

Proxy site like this do not need JavaScript to watch Youtube videos or sign-in Facebook. So anyone can watch blocked Youtube videos or lead anonymous conversation on social networks. All anonymized websites do not contain any kind of tracking code or graphic. After pressing "Go" a anonymized website appears and the user stay alone with his surfing activity. Public proxy server allows anyone to access any kind of public accessible website without any restrictions. Any kind of content may be accessed through this proxy. This is limited to writing or redistribution of content on the internet. Free-Public-Proxy is optimized for video playback. Feel free to use it for watching streaming videos on Youtube, DailyMotion and other popular video streaming websites.

This proxy server is totally free of charge and cost you nothing. This anonymizer supports Facebook, Youtube, Twitter. This means, you can watch Youtube videos. Post tweets and login Facebook. This is especially useful for countries with Internet censorships or also for institutions that may filter internet activity and block websites.

Using of such a proxy site is the fastest and anonymous way to surf with hidden IP on the web. It is easy because the user is ready to go immediately after going to this website. And it is Anonymously because the user does not need to install any software on his Computer and he also do not need to pay for this service so that his payment information must not be revealed.

Such a Proxy browser can be used like a regular web browser for reading emails, watching streaming video, listening music, blogging, playing falsh games and any another online activity.

Any kind of information released through this proxy must be compliant with our terms of service. For example: It is prohibited to release information that may be harmful for anyone or for his property (Also intellectual property). Any kind of profanity or hate speech is forbidden. While anybody can write his own opinion about Politics, society or any circumstances, as long it does not hard any concrete person.